The Filter

How It Works


1 Steel frame to hold filters
2 First filter, wire gauze for debris
3 Fine micron filter for fine particles and sludge
4 Tank where filters are placed
5 Heat resistant Teflon hose
6 platter-free swivel nozzle for cleaning and re-filling
7 Power Supply
8 Filtration and Back-flush switch

The Process

The hot (FM) drops from the Vat through two filters (2 & 3 refer  image). The first is a stainless steel mesh that catches the debris.

The next filter is a high-density 4 micron weave; thus the FM needs to be filtered at high temperatures to pass through. This is where the sludge and mud is caught and is a lot more efficient than cone filtering.

The filtered FM goes into the tank and then is pumped up the hose and out the nozzle where the hot FM is used to clean the Vat.

Then close off the vat to refill with filtered, cleaner oil.


Using the hot medium to clean is unique to Premo, at 180˚C the FM is the perfect product to hose out the vat. Made easy with swivel handle and splatter free nozzle to clean out all the hard to reach spots. By cleaning the vat completely of all debris the FM can be maintained at the optimum temperature of 180° C without burning or smoking. It also can last for up to twice as long.

The Back Flush Feature

This is designed especially for tallow or cold locations where the FM sitting overnight can cause a blockage in the pump.

The back flush at the end of the filtering process ensures the pump is free of all FM before it sits.

Two Year Manufacturers Warranty

Premo Filtrations Systems have a 2 year warranty and provide a service by our 0800 4PREMO for problems that can be solved by  phone. The machine is built for durability and with the machines we have already been using now for 8 years we have proven very little need for servicing. 

If for some reason there is a problem we have a replacement machine policy while your machine is being repaired. We will immediately send you a replacement machine and we are prepared to pay the costs for this. You can then send us your machine for us to repair, if it is a manufacture or design fault we will cover all costs.

If it is damage created by yourself we will charge you for the transport and service costs at a reasonable rate.

What It Is Made Of

Hoses, Pumps, switches:

The hose is made of a Teflon heat resistant and flexible material for easy handling. 

The pump is a roller type system, which is designed to handle high temperatures with minimum wear and not clog easily. 

The electrical switches are of high endurance and made to handle at least 30 amps continuous. Our total current draw would be 2 amps maximum. 

The outer construction:

Is of a high quality 316 stainless steel, built for durability and hygiene.

The cloth micron filter is re-use able and can be washed up to 150 times depending on the quality of FM and if washed correctly.


Including the wheels the machine is 330mm high, 430mm wide and 870mm long. The hose extends 1.5mts long to reach into the vat. The tank holds 60lts of FM, most vats hold between 25-30lts.

Start Saving Money

Cost Savings can be passed onto the customer as the filter makes end product cheaper.

Increase turnover or retain those savings, either way, it means a better bottom line for fish and chip outlet.

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