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The philosophy of Premo Filtration Systems Ltd is based on helping the fried food industry deliver a superior and healthier product.

We deliver on this by consulting with the fried food outlets at ground level. Analysis is carried out on the size and nature of the operation, their volumes and products used. Then we use our knowledge and experiences to offer solutions that will better the operation.

We assist the oil and tallow manufacturers and the health experts in better frying practices.

Filtration with our machine is one aspect of how we can be of assistance to you, but it is not all we do.

We have designed simple to follow Oil Management Methods, that will be tailored to your operation – regardless of size or volume. Learn more…



Frying Medium Phases

Frying Medium Phases Consistency and quality of the
frying medium (FM) is a key factor in maintaining that frying
practices ensures optimum health benefits.

Traditional frying methods generally consist of a routine where all the frying medium is replaced at specified intervals. This method causes an inconsistency with the frying medium.

The life of the oil consists of three phases. During the first Phase, the water in the product evaporates slowly and remains on the surface for longer creating an overcooked and slushy product.

During the second Phase the frying medium is at its optimum. The ideal volume of water is extracted, and the product seals sufficiently to cook within by its own vapour.

During the last phase the frying medium is breaking down, resulting in off flavours, unhealthy by-products
and a darker colour that makes food appear overcooked.
Frying medium in phase 1 or 3 is detrimental to the customer’s
health as it will have a high fat content.

Premos Method

Premo oil management systems uses a method of oil rotation to ensure the oil is at second phase quality all the time. For this rotation system to work we need these factors:

A thermostat that has been tested as reliable.

Over heated frying medium will cause it to break down too rapidly. Daily filtration. Fine debris must be removed from the vat daily before the FM cools over night. (The marinating of the fine particles over night that breaks down the FM rapidly)

A form of testing that can show when the FM is breaking down and needs to be rotated. Ideally a testo-265 sensor which measure Total Polar Material (TMP) or 3M paper strips which test for levels of Free Fatty Acids.

Ideally we recommend only the use of high grade Fats or Oils. Using low grade or cheaper FM is false economy as low grades oils will not last as long.

Extending the life of your FM is simple but varies according to
volumes fried and the product being cooked.

The method involves: Single Vat and Multiple Vat operations.

FM Management Method Highlights

  • Skimming and topping up of FM with single vat
  • Vat rotation and topping up with Multiple vats
  • The thermostat must be tested and be reliable
  • Daily Filtration at night time
  • Testing FM for breakdown
  • Ideally we recommend only the use of high grade Fats or Oils.

Different Operations

Single VAT

Keep your FM topped up with new medium.

Drop 20% of your frying medium on a regularity depending on volumes.

These methods will extend the life of your FM and give you second phase consistency all the time.

More importantly you will use less FM resulting in significant savings.

Multiple VAT

Multi vat operations have many variable factors, but in general:


Vat 1 is for initial frying of the battered products.

This vat has the newer FM and is the only vat to be topped up with new FM.


Vat 2 is for chips and finishing off battered products. And will be topped up from vat one daily as FM goes out on the

The regularity in which the oil is dumped depends on the volume of product.

If this vat is starting to break down some
FM needs to be dumped (we recommend trailing 20%) then replace with FM from vat one.

Test with your 3M tester.


Vat 3 is for additional chips and/or crumbed products. Crumbed products cause a quicker break down of FM.

If you crumb a lot of product you may wish to filter twice a day. Follow dumping procedures as outlined with vat 2.

Have a separate vat for Chickens, sausages and seasoned products as juices from these products cause the FM to breakdown faster.

This vat will need to be dumped more regularly and can be topped up from vat one or two to give it the second phase quality.

Start Saving Money

Cost Savings can be passed onto the customer as the filter makes end product cheaper.

Increase turnover or retain those savings, either way, it means a better bottom line for fish and chip outlet.

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