Frequently Asked Questions


How can I justify the cost of a machine?

  1. We have a simple finance plan that will cost you depending on the terms between $48 and $60 a week.
  2. Depending on the Frying Medium (FM) and quality you are using, filtering daily will extend the life of your FM as much as 50%. Higher quality FM lasts even longer.
  3. Save on wages for the cleaning and filtering of your vats. Manual methods can take up to 45 minutes per vat. With the Premo Filtration System each vat will be cleaned and filtered in 5 to 7 minutes.
  4. The filtration system will lower your costs of cleaning products which damage your FM. The Premo Filtration System uses your own clean hot FM to wash all debris from the vats.
  5. The Bio fuel collectors will pay more for filtered FM.
  6. Daily filtering will improve the quality of your products and therefore ensure repeat business

What about guarantees and durability of the machine?

We have a 2 year guarantee and provide a service through our 0800 4 Premo for problems that can be solved via phone. The machine is built for durability and with the machines we have already been trialing now for 8 years we have proven very little need for servicing. If for some reason there is a problem we have a replacement machine policy while your machine is being repaired. We will immediately send you a replacement machine and we are prepared to pay the costs for this. You can then send us your machine for us to repair, if it is a manufacture or design fault we will cover all costs. If it is damage created by yourself we will charge you for the transport and service costs at a reasonable rate.


Where can I store the machine and how big is it?

The machine was designed to roll under the majority of frying vats for storage or while using it. The machine measures 330 mm high (including wheels), 430 mm wide, 870 mm long.


How do we wash the filters?

We recommend using soda crystals if you are using 100% Tallow products (e.g. Chef Royale) as soda crystals leave no residue. For any other FM use either Nappy-San or detergent. All washing must be done in hot water and rinsing in a vinegar solution of a teaspoon per cup dilution.


How effective are the Filters?

The first filter our stainless mesh catches the worst of the larger debris. As the larger debris is combustible we have designed an air gap between the filters to avoid fire problems. The second filter an ultra fine micron cloth filter removes all fine particles and operates best when the hot FM is at optimum temperature. Therefore there is no need to wait for FM to cool. A cone filter is never going to filter with the same efficiency. Our cloth filters can be washed easily and reused up to 150 times.


Does the machine need washing?

Under normal daily use no washing is necessary. Wipe the exterior of the machine with a soft lint free cloth. If debris enters the tank it can be wiped or scraped out. No chemical is needed. If in the unusual situation of needing to clean a machine, we recommend using hot water with detergent and then rinsing with vinegar solution.


Is finance Available

Financing options are available, please contact us for more details.


Can we rent filter machines?

We have 3 different options for a machine. You can Purchase, Rent, or Rent to Own a Premo Filtration Machine.


How do we order filter replacements?

Phone 0800 4Premo or order online.

Start Saving Money

Cost Savings can be passed onto the customer as the filter makes end product cheaper.

Increase turnover or retain those savings, either way, it means a better bottom line for fish and chip outlet.

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