"To help the fried food industry deliver
a superior and healthier product"
Frying medium (FM) whether it be fat or oil must be maintained at a good searing temperature of 180˚C for optimum frying, producing crisper golden fries with a lower fat content.

By filtering and cleaning your vats with the Premo Filtration System particles and sludge that break down the FM are removed; thus integrity is sustained more consistently and for longer. This can double the life of the FM, huge cost savings.

Break down is what causes toxicity of the FM to increase, the darkening and frothing of the oil and the inability to maintain optimum temperature. No more “Greasies”. No more brown soggy fries. No more strange flavours marinating your oil, flavouring your fried product.

Premo Filtration System cleans the Vats with the hot filtered FM meaning no scrubbing and no chemicals or residues. It is quick and easy.

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Premo has formed affiliations with the Heart Foundation and
Bakels and is a member of the Chip Group so we know
everything there is to know about fries.
Heart Foundation Bakels The Chip Group
What does Premo do for you?
  • Turn out a far superior product healthier, crispier and looks better
  • Your Frying medium lasts longer
  • Vat cleaning is quick and easy (as little as 5 minutes per vat)
  • Increased job safety
  • Better for the environment
  • Your staff will thank you
  • Your customers will back you
  • Pays for itself with the money it saves
  • You will not know how you did without a Premo Filtration System once you get one

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