Premo Filtration Systems

When Every Drop Counts

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Our Mission

To help the fried food industry deliver a superior and healthier product

What Does Premo Do For YOU?


Turn out a far superior product healthier, crispier and looks better


Your Frying medium lasts longer


Vat cleaning is quick and easy (as little as 5 minutes per vat)


Increased job safety


Better for the environment


Your staff will thank you


Your customers will back you


Pays for itself with the money it saves


You will not know how you did without a Premo Filtration System once you get one

More Benefits

Cost Savings

1. Frying Medium (tallow or oil) depend on the volumes of product cooked and the qualities and type of frying medium, we can ensure up to 50% savings on your frying medium due to daily cleaning.

2. Wages, daily vat filtering and cleaning taking 15 mins maximum in comparison to 1-2 hours. The hourly rate for owners still has a value.

3. Cleaning products, using the hot oil to clean the vats saves  toxic chemical contamination as well as costly products.

4. Bio fuel disposers will pay more for filtered product.


The lifting of buckets of oil after draining your vats so you can clean is very dangerous and this practice is soon to be regulated  against by OSH.

The legal risk of expecting staff to potentially suffer a permanent
disfigurement may prove more expensive.


The machine is constructed in stainless steel a very hygienic medium to use. The burnt debris is a carcinogenic and very detrimental to the health of the end user.

The smoke from this debris is not healthy to breath for your workers also. Daily filtering enables the operator to clean regularly all surfaces to avoid contaminations and remove the daily debris.


This machine from an engineering perspective is over engineered. The stainless steal outer construction is hygienic and nearly indestructible.
The pumps and materials for hoses are designed for intense heat and durability. The pump is a roller system and doesn’t suffer seizing like other types of pumps.

Premo can service your machine with their exchange system, but the machines are designed for this to happen irregularly.

Premo has formed affiliations with the Heart Foundation and Bakels and is a member of the Chip Group so we know everything there is to know about fries.

More Benefits to YOU

Ease Of Use

The filter machine can be operated at the same time as filling orders if you have more than one vat. With the ease of filtering with this machine you can be filling your last orders of the
day while starting the cleaning and filtering process.

Or for high volume operations you can filter twice daily
eliminating the smoking of burnt debris from crumbing or seasoning.

The machine can transport the FM to the dumping location at the back of the premises without risks to safety.

Quality Of Product

The quality of frying medium and chip has a huge impact on the quality of product end result but if the vat is full of burning debris and starts to smoke the only solution is to turn the vat
down therefore causing the FM to drop in temperature.

The result of this is a FM laden chip that may be soggy
and it will require a longer time for cooking therefore slower turn around.
Daily filtering is the only way to avoid this. Daily filtering then can justify the purchase of the higher quality FM and chips because it lasts longer and you get your value for money out of a
higher quality product.

A perfectly cooked chip has great flavor and does not leave a residue of oil or fat in your mouth afterwards commonly known
as greasies. Cooking at the optimum temperature of 180 degrees avoids this.

Environmental Impact

Daily filtering lengthens the life of the FM therefore reducing the need to dump as often. Users of Bio Fuels will pay a higher price for filtered FM.
With high quality tallow and a high volume operation daily filtering can enable an operator to use the top up method and never have FM to dump. Using tallow uses a product produced
here in New Zealand that would have to be dumped in some form anyway and is not imported from overseas like oils.

Start Saving Money

Cost Savings can be passed onto the customer as the filter makes end product cheaper.

Increase turnover or retain those savings, either way, it means a better bottom line for fish and chip outlet.

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